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They Might Be Giants
Palladium in New York, NY
August 17, 1988 (time unknown)

Fan Recaps and Comments:

They Might Be Giants performed on a bill with Run-DMC and The Fabulous Thunderbirds as part of a mock presidential convention for Randee of the Redwoods (a clueless hippie played by comedian Jim Turner).

The special aired on MTV on August 17, 1988, presented as a live broadcast, though the performances at the Palladium were likely pre-taped.

From William Bowers' Pitchfork review of No! (July 7, 2002):

On MTV's "Randee of the Redwoods" special (a production that Flansburgh told me in an interview was run by some cocaine-pocked simps), they opened for Run-DMC. Everyone in the crowd froze, allowing their rejection to manifest. Hard to believe that these Brooklyn art-punks would go on to earn a grubby Grammy for the theme song to a clunky TV show.