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When a new podcast arrives, a few tasks must be performed by the users of this wiki. If it is part of the ongoing They Might Be Giants Podcast, follow the instructions that follow. If it's part of the video series in the Friday Night Family Podcast, scroll down to the bottom of the page for instructions.

They Might Be Giants Podcast[edit]

  • Create the podcast's page! (See below.)
  • Add the podcast along with its release date to the episode lists on the page They Might Be Giants Podcast with its length and a link to download.
  • Add the podcast to the end of Template:Podcast Header/Listing.
  • Add songs heard during the podcast while the podcast's host speaks to the bottom of Patter Music under a new headline.
  • If the podcast contained any song premieres, add them to Podcast Premieres.

Copy and paste this into a new page, and fill in the details. See Podcast 27A for a reference.

{{Podcast Header
|Host     = 
|Date     = 
|Length   = 
|Size     = x.xx MB
|Channels = 
|Bitrate  = ___kbps (VBR)
|Artwork  = 

=== Description ===
Copy and paste podcast description here.

=== Segments ===
{{Patter Music}}

*'''Starting time''' [0:00] - [[Song 1]]
*[mm:ss] - [[Song 2]]
*[mm:ss] - Narrator patter:
<blockquote>Transcribe narration</blockquote>
*[mm:ss] - [[Song 3]]

Friday Night Family Podcast[edit]

Copy and paste this into a new page, and fill in the details. See One Dozen Monkeys (Podcast Episode) as a reference.

{{Family Podcast Header
|Host     = [[The Puppet Johns]]
|Date     = 
|Length   = 
|Filename = 
|Size     = 
|Artwork  = 

=== Description ===
:"They Might Be Giants video podcast of songs about letters, numbers and everything else."

=== Segments ===
*'''Starting time''' [0:00] - Puppet Johns (or song):
<blockquote>'''Linnell:''' Banter.
'''Flansburgh:''' Banter...
*[mm:ss] - [[Song]]
*[mm:ss] - Puppet Johns:
<blockquote>More transcribed banter...