Lyrics:Anyone Can Fill My Shoes

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Anyone Can Fill My Shoes
By: The Mundanes
Year: 1980

She turned teenager on the rockin' line I can't see why she puts me down It's all the same The game, the players, and when the lights go down Tonight she'll pick a partner and turn his head around

And I might be a stranger waitin' for the news Oh, I know that anyone can fill my shoes

I'm in a circus, I'm moving all the time But when do I collect my pay? Where do I go To put in my complaint? Are you friend or foe? Tonight I'll be the funny man; tomorrow, I don't know

And I might be unwanted, and I can't refuse Oh, I know that anyone can fill my shoes

Oh girl, when I was younger, messing around It was easy 'cause there were no strings tied If I could understand her, all of the bad things aside 'Cause she's the best around Best around

But anyone I said, anyone

Don't you think I know how this all comes down To too much love for only one? I've seen it come I've played this game before; I'll play it one more time I can't expect her love but I'll stop the tears I'm cryin'

I'm seeing the whole world over pairing off in twos Oh, I know that anyone can fill my shoes

I said, anyone I said, anyone, well