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Chords in this song[edit | edit source]

um...maybe i'm just weird or something, but i have no idea what Am+ means. I'd appreciate it if someone could fill me in. The meaning of Gbm+ elludes me as well. What does that little plus sign mean?--2sheds

I looked around a little and found some references, and it looks like the + means a #5. Adding a #5 to minor chord creates a major chord on the third degree of the minor's root, oddly enough, so Am+ has the same notes in it as an F major chord.
One way to use this chord in the song is to play an Am, then fret up on the 4th string to add an F, then fret up again to add the F# for the Am6, and then back down again for the Am+. Here are some chord diagrams:

    Am  Am+ Am6                        Am  Am+ Am6
  ---0---0---0---                    ---5---5---5---
  ---1---1---1---                    ---5---5---5---
  ---2---2---2---        OR          ---5---5---5---
  ---2---3---4---                    ---7---7---7---
  ---0---0---0---                    ---7---8---9---
  ---x---x---x---                    ---5---5---5---
Good luck - this is a bit of a tough song to pull out, but someone asks you to play a TMBG song, it'll probably be this one. Jerome 03:52, 7 August 2006 (UTC)

TRY THIS: People have labeled in this way because they've been listening to the chromatic voice-loading in the electric organ, but if you listen to the whole harmony, including the bass, you'll that a better way labeling these chords is:

Am F D7 F And you could play them in a way you wish. Here's are common voicings: Am = X02210 F = 133211 D7 = x00212

Also, during the instrumental section, the first phrase is these same chords, but the second phrase is these chords transposed down a minor 3rd:

F#m D B7 D common voicings for these: F#m = 244222 D = X00232 B7 = X21202

But there also other ways to play each of them.

I'm a university music student that has done a fair share of harmonic analysis, but I don't want to sound like a know-it-all or make you sound dumb. I just want to give an alternative that is a little easier to grasp and will probably will sound better when played on solo guitar or keyboard. 23:16 Central, 14 Sep 2008