Guitar Tab:Judy Is Your Viet Nam

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Judy Is Your Viet Nam
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: G Major
Year: 2011

G            F
You met Judy in the nineties
G                     D   G
She threw parties for magazines
G               F
For a while she had a roommate
G                     D     G
But that roommate was never seen

Who knew she could be so reckless?
G                  Em
Who knew you could be so wrong?
Cm                            Am   Bb  D
Dancing in her kitchen for so long

Ten years on and something's shifted
Same apartment, roommate's gone
Putting down that torch you lifted
Back to portraits poorly drawn

Cm G Em Cm Am Bb D

Judy lies but you believe her
She's the storm before the calm
Judy is the great deceiver
Judy is your Viet Nam
Judy is your Viet Nam