Guitar Tab:32 Footsteps

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32 Footsteps
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: C Minor
Year: 1985
32 Footsteps
They Might Be Giants

Cm                                      Bb
32 footsteps leading to the room where the paint doesn't want to dry
32 footsteps running down the road where the dirt reaches the sky

Gm                  F                   A
32  feathers in my brand new Indian headdress
32 new moons shining in 32 skies

Eb                                 F
What's the reason? Why'd you go? Where's my baby? I don't know

Cm                  Bb                  Cm
32 footsteps counted them myself, 32 footsteps

Cm                  Bb                  Cm
Bing bang bingalong cing cang cingalong ding dang dingalong day
fing fang fingalong ging gang gingalong hing hang hingalong hay
jing jang jingalong king kang kingalong ling lang lingalong lay
ming mang mingalong ning nang ningalong ping pang pingalong pay