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It all started when I saw TMBG on the episode of Home Movies that they did. I was so utterly amused and entertained by the music they contributed that I looked up They Might Be Giants on Google and read up a little. A few days later, I was at my grandma's house when I heard Istanbul on I dragged my mom in from the other room and we both fell in love with it, so later that evening as we were taking my grandma out to dinner we made a pit stop at Best Buy and bought Dial-A-Song (which was kind of a bold step when you consider we had only heard one song).

Those two discs almost single-handedly wore out two sets of Discman batteries in as many weeks, and we were sucked in. Next change I bought The Spine and Flood in one swoop, but sadly have yet to see Them live (because of the varied age restrictions had always seem to follow them into my town). My persuit of live entertainment and merchandising will undoubtably be much easier once I can drive, in a few months time. Then I rented Gigantic from NetFlix, and despite it contradicting the reason that my parents subscribed to NetFlix in the first place, I held the disc hostage until Santa gave me a copy of my own.