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I'm Rilom, more recently referred to as Taylorj on the interwebs. Currently don't have time to fill out the details but in a nutshell I'm a philosopher and a poet which is why I write so much (I have an easy time finding things to say and a hard time editing them out because I can't figure out how to say it without them, and so I either say it with them (which tends to result in essays as I've always taken notes in paragraph format and am not very good at interpreting those into anything other than other paragraphs), or I say it without them (which tends to be abstract and open to any number of interpretations).

As for the stats, I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada, and often feel like the only real fan of They Might Be Giants in the city (of course by "real" I mean "obsessive" and I know there's more than just me, I've met him). I'm currently studying for the only job which can make a philosopher without a PHD real money (software development), spin breakbeats under the name Dysfunkt with Philthy City, I produced a few Hardcore tracks under the name Timberwolf (unprofessionally), I'm currently working on a theory of time travel, Taylor's Theory of Time Travel, which will help me describe my theory of time, Taylor's Theory of Time (T4 and T3 respectively).

Before I came back for this round of schooling when I was working in a cubicle I started a blog to keep my sanity in order. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to update it lately but I am proud of those posts that I did make and hope to one day have another job which will require me to do repetative tasks in front of a computer which will allow me to put more thought into what I'd rather be typing and give me the inspiration I need to spend my breaks ranting about subjects which matter to a brain that needs order in its creativity coupled with creativity its order in.