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Hello everyone. Huge They Might Be Giants fan here, have been stopping by here for updates at least 3 times a day now for about a week. So decided I should become a part of the fun. I'll probably get more into discussions/interpritations then general info. But I may edit some.

A short history of how I became a fan.

  • Saw the infamous TinyToon music thing at a young age
  • Introduced to TMBG music offically at a much later age by a friend, just 4 years ago.
  • Didn't like them at first
  • Quickly became addicted
  • Now I am the biggest TMBG fan I know
  • Trying to collect as many TMBG songs as possible, preferably in original CD form.

Anyways I am on a few instant messaging programs and am always willing to discuss all things TMBG

AIM: MartyOpsahl

Yahoo: Pugly_Wont

ICQ: #122059686 Username Pugly

Also if someone could link me a quality message board dedicated to They Might Be Giants that would be great.