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…So. 'Sup? I'm a TMBG fan. Originally from Boston, moved to Pittsburgh in 1999 for reasons.

I think the first time I heard a They Might Be Giants song was "Shoehorn With Teeth" on the old Doctor Demento show. "Birdhouse In Your Soul" made me a fan. But I mean "fan" in a very loose sense of the word. I'm the kind of person who is reluctant to act on enthusiasm. I'm afraid of liking things. I'm kind of a cheapskate, and I rarely bought music throughout my teenage years, instead mooching off of my younger brother's album purchases. But every few years I would remember that TMBG existed, and pick up an album I didn't have yet. Many of them are cassettes.

I've started listening to music at work to keep my mind alert. 2015's Dial-A-Song rekindled my interest in TMBG, and led me to this site. Now I'm exploring interpretations of the lyrics, and buying CDs to fill in the gaps of my TMBG collection.

On most websites I go by the Username "Billy Goat" or some variation thereof. I couldn't think of any TMBG songs that mention goats. But I was born in 1971, so the line from "The Velvet Ape" fits as a Username. I'm old(er than I've ever been).

--Nineteenseventyold (talk) 21:15, 14 April 2016 (EDT)