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About Me[edit]

I have been a fan of TMBG since September 8th, 2017. I am also a fan of Homestar Runner and found TMBG through them.

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Favorite Albums[edit]

  1. The Spine
  2. Flood and Mink Car
  3. Glean

Favorite EPs[edit]

  1. The Spine Surfs Alone

Favorite Songs[edit]

  • Birdhouse in Your Soul
  • Experimental Film
  • Thunderbird
  • Bee Of The Bird Of The Moth
  • Where Your Eyes Don't Go
  • Canajoharie
  • My Man
  • She's An Angel
  • Spoiler Alert
  • Boat Of Cat
  • Finished With Lies
  • Space Suit
  • Road Movie To Berlin
  • The Darlings of Lumberland
  • Stuff Is Way
  • Maybe I Know
  • XTC Vs. Adam Ant

My Other Favorite Bands[edit]

  • The Apples In Stereo
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • BTS
  • The Beatles

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