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Hi, I'm Andrew, a nerd who is, althoigh it may seem pretentious, much too old for his age. I do music under the name Midnight Crisis (previously under The Dancing Tornado) and post it on my youtube channel ( ). It's not very good, but if you put into concideration that I don't know how to play any instruments and JUST started learning guitar, it's pretty good. I love music (almost anything, lately it's been TMBG, DNA, and Paul Simon), books (especialy JD Sailinger), movies (over 200 VHS tapes), video games (perticularly retro), baseball, and lots of other stuff and general nerdiness. So, blah, blah, whatever.

Albums that NEED a proper CD release: TMBG - 1985 demo Mountian Goats - Toboo VI: The Hoemcoming

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My cover of TMBG's "Penguine":

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