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My name is Micah Mahjoubian.

I am a resident of Center City Philadelphia where I live in a loft with my husband, Ryan. I am lucky to have an exciting career in politics that allows me to make a living doing what I love. After an 8-year stint working for the Mayor of Philadelphia, and then another 8 years working as a political consultant, I currently serve as Chief of Staff to State Senator Sharif Street, the Chairman of the PA Democratic Party.

I like pumpkin pie, the Democratic Party, streaming TV, speed cubing, political memorabilia, and They Might Be Giants. I spend too much money on consumer electronics, but that is my weakness--got to have a good gadget at all times.

Orange is my favorite color. Eleven is my favorite number. Rice is my favorite pudding. And Tom Ka Gai is my favorite soup at a Thai restaurant. If I had a daughter, I would name her Claire. I do not support the use of capital punishment. I strongly believe that the American government is an inherently good system that under the right leadership can make the lives of people better.

I do not believe in god.

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