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TIM This user's favourite timbit flavour is jelly.

BIT This user thinks chocolate timbits are pretty good too.

CanadaScreenshot.jpeg This user is a Canadian.

"My name is ChocolateTimbits, King of Canucks;[edit]

Look on my Timbits, ye Mighty, and despair!"[edit]

I'm still hearing the echos of 54°40' or fight.
Awaiting the next tour date in Ontario ;(

Personal Ranking of TMBG Albums[edit]

Ranking Album Favourite Song
18 The Escape Team Mr. Mischief Night
17 Long Tall Weekend Dark And Metric
16 They Might Be Giants Absolutely Bill's Mood
15 Factory Showroom Till My Head Falls Off
14 Phone Power Daylight
13 Mink Car My Man
12 Join Us Cloisonné
11 Glean Underwater Woman
10 The Spine Museum Of Idiots
9 I Like Fun All Time What
8 Flood Particle Man
7 Nanobots Icky
6 BOOK Super Cool
5 Lincoln The World's Address
4 My Murdered Remains I Haven't Been Right Yet
3 Apollo 18 See The Constellation
2 The Else Climbing The Walls
1 John Henry Thermostat
Ranking Album Favourite Song
5 Here Come the ABCs E Eats Everything
4 No! Robot Parade
3 Here Come the 123s Number Two
2 Why? Or So I Have Read
1 Here Comes Science Electric Car

Timbit /tim·buht/

A small, tasty donut treat in the shape of a ball, served at Tim Horton's. Typically served in boxes of 10, 20, or 50.
"These Timbits are delicious!"