Useful Phrases For A European Tour

From This Might Be A Wiki

by John Linnell


Je suis terrorement du tout les produits du lait.
I'm frightened of all dairy products.

La chambre du purgatoire c'est plus bien. S'il vous plait, un avec fromagement stenche.
This dressing room is too nice. Please give us a smellier one.

Pourquoi no fittez-vous pas votre outfittes, Monsieur Poseur du Vanitie?
Why do you wear small children's clothing, Mr. Frontman?


Het mikrophoon ankoop met vip in mij hand.
The microphone blew up in my hand.

We koed noot zee U bijk bezween onze bus and het kanaal.
We couldn't see your bicycle between our bus and the canal.


Der Laserschau hat unser Trummler gekrispend.
The laser show has injured our drummer.

Ich wisse nicht die Severepunischkeit für Wolkengegenstankommintrîffisch.
I was unaware that jaywalking was a felony.

Das Kroud apparîntisch viel mehr wie denket uns getrunken ist.
The audience is much more drunk than we thought.

Deiner Film mit den explitzit insectenschadenfreude sehr interessant war.
Your film depicting insect surgery was very interesting.


En grimst swøder jeg se ikke før.
That's the ugliest sweater I've ever seen in my life.


Quando il adressore pubblica distructissimo completemento se reparà?
Will the PA be rebuilt from scratch in time for the show tonight?

I smell bad.

Perchà sonno nos pontante e crianne?
Why are they pointing at us and weeping?