This Might Be A Wiki:Upgrade Playbook

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This page will serve as a guideline of things to do when we upgrade the MediaWiki software.

Steps to Upgrading[edit]

  1. Back up the wiki filesystem and db locally
  2. Copy the MediaWiki tarball (from to the home directory
  3. Unpack the tarball to a temporary directory (/newwiki)
  4. Copy Files:
    • Copy all of our custom skins from /wiki/skins to /newwiki/skins.
    • Copy all custom extensions and "3rdParty" extensions to /newwiki/extensions
    • Copy all images from /wiki/images to /newwiki/images.
    • Copy /wiki/LocalSettings.php to /newwiki/LocalSettings.php
    • Copy /wiki/.htaccess to /newwiki/.htaccess
  5. Move /wiki to /oldwiki
  6. Run php maintenance/update.php
  7. Move /newwiki to /wiki
  8. Do a chown nobody:nobody on the following, to change the owner to nobody:
    • /cache
    • /images
  9. Create an issues page for the upgrade (And add the info to the table on the Category:Wiki Upgrades page).
  10. Update the Sitenotice with the link to the issues page. Possibly tweet out the update as well.
  11. Once all issues are resolved, the oldwiki directory can be removed and the Sitenotice taken down.

Items To Test[edit]