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It was a long time ago, but I was at this show, it was my first TMBG show. First off, the name of the venue was Saratoga Winners, not Winters as whoever posted this listed; they closed, I believe not too long after this show. Also, I don't recall if it was an encore, or what; but I know they played the rocked out version of 'Why does the Sun Shine'. Also of not; the friends who I met up with there knew a little something about the venue, and had us wait in ambush behind the place. Flansberg came out and signed quickly, but Linnell snuck out right past us, standing in dumbfounded awe carrying a pizza box as though delivering it to the van. It was wierd. LIke I said, this was my first TMBG show, at this point I think I had 'Flood', but had only heard bits and pieces of the other albums, and had yet to throw myself into them full bore.