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I have a recording of part of a show that's labeled Knitting Factory 1988-09-23, but the setlist is the same as this one exactly, from "Maybe I Know" through "Cowtown" (the rest of the recording is missing), which leads me to believe that it's actually *this* show but with the wrong date on it. Except during the set one of the Johns makes reference to Lincoln coming out in two days. On the Lincoln page it says that album came out on 09/25, which suggests the 09/23 date for the show. But someone else on the Shows/1988 page said TMBG played four consecutive Wednesdays at the Knitting Factory (09/07, 09/14, 09/21 and 09/28), which again supports 09/28. Trivial, but I'm still curious what the answer is. -sinisterscrawl 23:14, 23 February 2008 (UTC)