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has anyone seen the Conan show where they were playing Robot Parade and broke into this? I thought that as amazing, I would have loved to have there Jade

The line "But they run out gas, the plane can never land" always reminded me of The Marx Brothers movie A Night at the Opera, where Chico, Harpo, and another guy are stowaways on a trans-Atlantic voyage and end up posing as famous Russian aviators. When they arrive in New York, Chico gives this speech: we happened to come to America is a great story. But I don't tell that. When we first started out, we got-a no idea you give us this-a grand reception. We donna deserve it. And when I say we donna deserve it, believe me, I know what I'm a-talkin' about...So now I tell you how we fly to America. The first time we started, we get-a halfway across when we run out-a gasoline and we gotta go back. Then I take-a twice as much gasoline. This time we-a just about to land - maybe three feet - when whaddya think? We run out-a gasoline again and a-back we go again to get-a more gas. This time I take-a plenty gas. Well, we get-a halfway over when what-a you think-a happened? We forgot-a the aeroplane. So we gotta sit down and we talk it over. Then I get-a a great idea. We no take-a gasoline. We no take-a the aeroplane. We take a steamship. And that, friends, is how we fly across the ocean.

Is this allusion worth mentioning on the page? (Googling, I see someone made the connection between film and song on the Flying Dutchman page.) --Octoflange 03:53, 21 November 2010 (UTC)

No. --Oddjob 18:24, 22 November 2010 (UTC)