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The description of the spec script on this page is not accurate. The formatting of a spec script is the same as a script that is commissioned. There are generally no less stage directions [called "action"] in a spec than in an official draft. Even in commissioned scripts it is considered unprofessional to include notes about camera angles or instructions to the director except in situations where it is deemed necessary (such as something occurring but not being visible so that it can be a surprise twist at the end).

A spec script is a script that is written independently and shopped around. Typically in television a non-contracted writer will write a spec script of a show other than the one for which they are applying, this way they can demonstrate their understanding of characters and story without the producers having to worry as much about being sued for stealing an idea. But the ink on the page is the same as a script to be produced.

The opening lines are brilliant! Has the poignancy of heartbreak ever been so subtly trojan-horsed in a joke? Only by earlier Flans songs like Lucky Ball And Chain & She's Actual Size. --Nehushtan (talk) 10:49, 9 December 2019 (EST)