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I remember a longer version of just this song, maybe about two minute in length, that I heard on Dr. Demento quite a few years ago. Am I hallucinating? I seem to remember a bunch of people sitting around a dinner table and asking for things dinner related. It started out with just the "Please pass the milk please," but then more people started saying things until this big round was going. Really, am I hallucinating? -krueger

There's this band/project/oddity out there called They Might Be Gannets, and those guys decided to take all 20 or so Fingertips vignettes and make full-length songs about each. It's pretty amusing and creative, and it's really surprising good musicianship for a project like this! My favorite's probably I Hear The Wind Blow, which has been turned into a bouncy mix of drum and acoustic guitar. It's somewhere out there on the internet, and when I found it, the site said they decided to let you download the whole album for free. ~ magbatz