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No Cops[edit]

An interesting track that's sounds nothing like anything on the Giants catalogue (to these ears- someone please correct me though) though the fair like music has something in common with Linnell's State Songs however I would argue that No Cops sounds far more like a live performance and is genuinely fresh. Very late 60s in it's musical influences it reminds me of the Incredible String Band or something off the Wickerman soundtrack. Likewise the Giants continue their tradition to have guest vocalists and Corn Mo sings well on what sounds like a Flansburgh lyric.

The lyric of course is the problem. Last week's Madam was a (not very) absurdist observation of manners that grated on the very first listen. This week, you've got great music but lyrics that seem to hark back to the early intro tape days when the band would have a silly little skit for the band to walk on stage too -- which upon reading the info on the wiki is what this song will be doing. This seems a bit of a waste. I'd have much preferred a different lyrics without the self reference (and one hopes they might do a remake) however I'm a sucker for this kind of music, especially the changes in time signature so I can't help myself. I like it. (Mr Tuck)

Changed my mind. Really like the lyrics now. I stand corrected. (Mr Tuck) Of all the songs off the 52 songs this is my far (late October) (Mr Tuck)

I like the imagery of "we've nailed down the latch". I laughed out loud at that lyric on first hearing.--Pittsburghmuggle (talk) 19:19, 25 January 2015 (EST)

On the Phone[edit]

I think the unique carnival-esque style of this song and Corn Mo's voice fit perfectly together. If you call in and listen to this over the phone, it sounds very much like an old wax cylinder recording, like if Noel Coward were to record a TMBG song back in the 1920's and play it back on a phonograph. Probably not what they intended, but I think it's a nice touch. --Mosesofthecows (talk) 22:26, 21 January 2015 (EST)

That's a really good observation about Noel Coward and the pre-war sound. Spot on. (Mr Tuck)

Not an opener[edit]

I assumed they'd be using this to open concerts this year, but it seems not.--Pittsburghmuggle (talk) 13:49, 19 April 2015 (EDT)