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One of the greats

Quite simply an amazing song. Based on Flans early days as car park attendant the lyrics are amazing as he inverts all the negatives of such a job (I had a similar gig myself as a student) and turning it into an almost joyous event! The genius in getting the bass singer to do it is that you get a completely unexpected arrangement as how often does one hear such a vocalist do lead on a pop song. It's such a clever idea. I had some friends over last night and it popped up on a playlist and it fascinated everyone. My favourite Mono Puff song and would make my top 50 songs that the lads have written. 10 out of 10 from me. (Mr Tuck)

Lol. Just checked the interpretation page, have already done this. Still it's great, here's what I originally wrote: Flans worked as a student as a Night Security Guard and it was here that he learned to play and practicethe guitar. The genius of the song of is the inversion of what one imagine to be as very depressing job into a occupation of joy and bliss. The Night Security Guard is totally fulfilled, and one suspects Flans is projecting the optimism that he felt as a student for conquering the world. Flans' arrangement is brilliant and the use of the bass voice vocalist inspired. Wasted on the obscure Mono Puff album, this is the effect Flans wanted to achieve on the flawed "Oh do no forsake me" of John Henry. Would easily make the top 20 of songs written by Flans. (Mr Tuck)