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First impressions[edit]

This is shaping up to be a particularly dark album —The thing Talk 12:14, 6 December 2017 (EST)

Interesting Song[edit]

Like I left my body the song starts in full flow - a trick best employed by Kriss Kross on their big hit Jump! The riff reminds me of something else which I can't place. Would be interested what others think. The relentless of it reminds me in style (if not content) of I want you (she's so heavy) by The Beatles. It's so full on that you've got to be in that kind of mood to want to listen to it. It's not an easy listening tune!

The lyrics (apart from the brief weak abstract gobblydegook bits) are incredibly emotionally explicit - even more so for the sometime autistic Giants. It takes me right back to the first two albums when there was this kind of emotional edge to the lyrics. This is welcome after the likes of Underwater Woman on the last long player. The jazzy interludes (to detract from the repetitive and perhaps plodding riff) show the giants pushing their musical boundaries. If I have a pet hate, it's the two different effects on the vocals. Linnell sounds like he's physically standing next to the band, but Flans has put somekind of tricksy effect on his vocal and it literally sounds pasted into the song. Even without this, Linnell is giving a very live full on vocal (fitting the mood of the song), whilst Flans is giving a very studio vocal (the type that he struggles to replicate live - best example of this is his Black Ops vocal) I don't know why he chose to sing it like this as it doesn't fit with the rest of the song. Overall, the first two tracks bode well for the album. (Mr Tuck)


Definitely one of the top two album closers to end with Linnell screaming the word "why" in D —Friendbone (talk) 18:56, 19 January 2018 (EST)


I was watching the "Walk This Way video"/"Last Wave demo" mashup that mysteriously arrived in my mailbox.

All the way through I'm marveling at the beauty and execution of the concept.

Then I get to the Antlers. And I FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR. Minimumwage

Yeah, the demo version really explains EVERYTHING. When did you get it sent to you, though? I'm in IFC and I must have missed the e-mail. Deysian
Deysian - I think the mysterious E-mail must've been something that came out after TMBG's tweet, through the twitter system? Minimumwage