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I Am Alone / Phone Power[edit]

I hope they don't blow Phone Power by making it a rarities / odds-and-sods compilation - there are enough incredibly strong songs to make a real legitimate follow-up to Glean... I hope they're not going to put everything on it. This one is really good.

In other words, at the very least, leave "Bills etc", "Kremlin" and "Black Ops Rock" on the cutting room floor!!! Consider letting "No Cops", "Lesbian", "Summer Breeze" and "Rock Club" join them!! Add "Name" to the album! -Deysian

A flawed Diamond[edit]

The chorus to this song is brilliant in its melody, arrangement and also in the bleak unambiguity of dislocation that our narrator is experiencing. The verses are the problem. Lacking melodic interest of the chorus they clunk along, made all the more painful by lyrics that are in turns childish (the first verse time travel thing in particular) and then dullingly oblique. Only in the chorus is their a clarity of expression. Again, we have chopped guitar chords. Maybe it's time for the band to retire this musical leitmotif? The solo at the end works well, but it needs a rewrite. The chorus is too good to be marooned in this present arrangement. (Mr Tuck)

Video reference[edit]

The opening moment of the video (over "going back in time") shows a man falling into a swirl that imitates the one from the title sequence of The Twilight Zone. --Nehushtan (talk) 20:24, 30 November 2019 (EST)