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Speaking of German it should be mentioned, that John Flansburghs name in german sounds exactly like "Flensburg", a well known town in the north of Germany (in the province of "Schleswig Holstein"). In Germany Flensburg is famous for giving home to two even better known german institutions. The first is "Beate Uhse" which is Germanys oldest sex shop company running chain stores all over the country and a widely used mail service too. The second is the so called "Verkehrssünderdatei" ("traffic sinners data base" officially "Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt"), a civil service office which records every violation of road traffic regulations. Having collected enough records of such violations in Flensburg, the owner of a driving license gets rid of it for a couple of weeks or even worse for ever. "Gaining points in Flensburg" or "getting some discreet mail from Flensburg" are oftly used phrases in german, so that John Flansburghs name allways sounds a little bit funny to german ears.

Koenigstein is listed in both "Songs that reference Germany or German people" and "Honorable mention". Which one should it go in? GrizonII (talk) 22:15, 7 January 2016 (EST)