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whoa, tmbg and dino jr covering one of my favorite bands. sounds great! --liam (wtf?) 22:27, 3 February 2007 (UTC)

I'm definately hoping for an awesome cover of either "Debaser" or "Here comes you Man", even without it's worth getting for TMBG JAde

Bonus Tracks?[edit]

So, does anyone know what any of the pre-order only bonus tracks are going to be? Because I don't want to miss out on any TMBG tunes, but I also don't want to spend $20 plus shipping, potentially only for one TMBG track and one OK Go track if none of the bonus tracks are by bands I like. Because unless I hear that any of the bonus songs are by people I like, I was just planning on getting those two tracks on iTunes or something (but, as usual, I'm worried about missing something good!). So, if anybody knows--or finds out--what these tracks are and who they're by, please let us know ASAP! Thanks. :) ~Drew

November 13[edit]

I wonder if that is a reference to their song "No. 13 baby"... that's all I had to say, sorry for wasting space/time. J.O.C

dylan in the movies - down to the well[edit]

cool band. cool song.

Tracklisting Updates & "Subbacultcha" Question[edit]

First, I couldn't find a complete, ordered tracklisting on any of the tribute's external links pages--where did the people who made and updated this page find it? Also, is there any more info about the "Subbacultcha" track? Where did that information come from, because I couldn't find that track listed on any of the external links.

Second, please don't revert my recent tracklisting edits to this page--especially without reading all of the information about the album at the three external links pages. Although I still haven't found an official listing of the exact order of tracks on the album, I'm still quite sure of the rest of the info I changed, based on those pages. The Myspace page says the album will have 16 tracks. Both the Myspace page and the record label's store say that the vinyl's a 3-track single, not the whole album. And the record label's store says that it has "2 alternate mixes and a bonus track not on the CD." ~Drew

Check out the latest Myspace bulletin from ALR. That's where i pulled the tracklisting from. --Duke33 00:28, 15 October 2007 (UTC)

Here's the text: Here is the tracklist for 'Dig For Fire - A Tribute To PIXIES':

Track No. Song Band

 1. Ana - Morning Theft
 2. Break My Body - The Rosebuds
 3. Down To The Well - Dylan In The Movies
 4. Wave of Mutilation - Joy Zipper
 5. Gigantic - OK Go
 6. Stormy Weather - Bedroom Walls
 7. Gouge Away - Mogwai
 8. Motorway To Roswell - kNIFE & fORK
 9. Havalina - They Might Be Giants
10. Alec Eiffel - Bunnies
11. Monkey Gone To Heaven - Elk City
12. Hey (Palisade Studios Arcade Redux) - Fashion Victims
13. Here Comes Your Man - The Commons w/ Elizabeth Harper
14. Where Is My Mind? - John Strohm
15. Caribou - British Sea Power
16. Bone Machine * - Charles Douglas
17. Manta Ray * - David Miller
18. I Bleed * - PC Munoz
19. The Happening * - Julie Peel
20. In Heaven (Everything Is Fine) * - Joe Harvard Band
21. Subbacultcha *
22. Number 13 Baby ** - Elk City
23. Hey ** - Fashion Victims
24. Bone Machine (Alternate mix) ** - Charles Douglas

* limited edition cd only
** limited edition vinyl only
Ok - I think you've got it now Drew. I had mistakenly missed the fact that the vinyl was separate, and only had a few songs. I thought the whole tracklisting would be on the vinyl. But, i checked out some of the pages you mentioned, and I think that the listing looks good now. Thanks!--Duke33 13:57, 15 October 2007 (UTC)
Okay, now that this album is out, I have a question for anyone who actually got the limited edition version--what artist(s) performed the track "Subbacultcha"? Please, anybody who knows, update the info on this page! Also, can anyone give the album as a whole some reviews? I'd love to know how the rest of the album is (besides TMBG and OK Go). Thanks! ~Drew

"Subbacultcha" Answer[edit]

The band performing "Subbacultcha" is called "Superman's Wheelchair" - I have edited the page to reflect this - the only online source I can cite (because I don't have the limited edition CD) is Discogs:

There's actually a long story behind how I know this - in short I have a friend, huge Pixies fan, whose dad knows someone very close to the head of American Laundromat Records who put this disc out and works closely with the Pixies. Him, his brother, and his dad recorded a version of "Subbacultcha" and sent it to him for fun, and eventually it ended up on the initial pressing of this record - pretty cool. I have yet to hear it because, again, I don't have the limited edition version, hopefully he'll send me a copy or something.

-- 06:14, 14 February 2008 (UTC)