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Great song, AND![edit]

I think that one of the things I appreciate most about this song is that, with only six songs left in the year, it's arrival means that we're NOT going to get the entire album, "Why?", on DAS Direct, which is great for so many reasons. There are at least seven songs left from twitter and FB announcements which are not on the Why? tracklisting - let's hope the rest of the year is pooled from them. -Deysian

They Might be Heaven 17?[edit]

Reminds me of an early 80s new romantic song of a UK vintage. The nearest thing it reminds me is of Heaven 17 which won't be familiar to anyone under 30 probably. The atmosphere is all in the keyboards and the melodramatic (semi-ironical) production that UK bands of the early 80s went in for whilst US new wave bands (perhaps wisely) did not. I wonder if this a rare solo Flans outing? Can't be sure if that's Linnell on the keyboards, the changes are so slow that it could be Flans playing himself. It's an interesting track, because I can't think of anything off hand in their vast song list that it reminds me of? Not sure if it's intended to be a pastiche? Lyrically I find it disappointing and like a lot of the stuff off Glean it lacks the melodic changes that my favourite Giants songs would have. Back in the old days this would have been track 4 on the EP and the song that wouldn't have been on the album, and judged in those terms it's a success. (Mr Tuck)

(I'd venture that Flans hasn't had guitar tone like that ever since they hired a lead guitarist! He's all about the unknowable sounds nowadays. But that ride cymbal in the chorus sounds like a Flansloop!) -j2
Flans solo songs aren't *that* rare - we've gotten a bunch of home studio stuff from him and Linnell this year alone! I agree that this sounds like a Flans loop, Flans keys, with probably vox and (Flans) guitar recorded in the studio (since we know from the log that there was some tracking done for this one). Disagree with the lack of melody or compelling lyrics... Love the mood it created regardless... This would have been a great B-side, but probably track 3 as the EP would've gone 1 - Linnell A-Side 2- Linnell stand-out B-side 3- Flans home demo B-side 4- Linnell home demo B-side 5- Stupid Remix. :) -Deysian
Lol! Stupid Outthere DustBrotherJoshuanotFryingMix (Bill Krauss radio edit) (Mr Tuck)
I tell you, the Dust Brothers / Joshua Fried remixes at least sustain my interest. The multiple, shitty remixes of SEXXY were where I gave up; they represent the nadir of the remixes in my opinion. The Guitar remixes are boring, and one-too-many (even further outer planet mix actually just removes any elements of the original song from the regular outer planet mix, so it's completely divorced from TMBG). The Istanbul/Twistin' remixes are nothing special, but the Istanbul one (Brownsville?) that closes the EP is pretty cool. I didn't even bother to listen to the MISLIH remixes when they came out, but I did listen to them for the first time last year. They're actually quite revealing in that they have stems from the original recording which are barely audible or absent on the album version; in particular, there are some Flans backing vocals layered in the song which I never noticed before. TDWDTN was a completely different version, so it's less a remix than a remake (totally remade). Very cool. IWDITLB remix is cute and quality, but a little too long.

I'm gonna put it out here, this is the only They Might Be Giants song that has ever made me cry. It's really somber, yet it has an air of inner hopefulness that really hits my emotional buttons. I also love how it packs so much meaning into such a short piece. There are a lot of other artists out there that have much longer songs that don't even have close to the amount of deep meaning as this song does. I love it so much, and I feel like it is TMBG at their best.


I'm adoring the super-dark, semi-ambient direction the new rock album is going in (seems we've got an 'up' one with Glean and a 'down' one with the next - would also explain the holding over of ECNALUBMA). This really, really reminds me of something from a Pulp/Jarvis Cocker album to the point where I wouldn't be surprised if there was a direct influence. If this album is assembling as it appears to be doing, I think we might have a future classic. And I really didn't expect to be saying that after what I thought about the mid-year stuff or most of Why. Just hope they feel confident enough to not feel compelled to include some of the roughest summer filler for the sake of completism.

As for the studio tracking - that appears to be Dillett's Mellotron in the background. Could be that? Could equally be a sampler/Minitron too of course. ~SirDarrell

Funny, Darrell, I feel the same way about a potential "second classic". But I'm also worried that this will be an "Album Raises" or "Cast Your Pod" situation, where the brilliance gets mixed with the filler... I've made my own mix and it excludes "Bills" (please don't put it on the album!), "Kremlin" (which I like, it's just too demo-ey), "Lesbian" and "No Cops" (just shouldn't be there either for some reason), "Black Ops Rock" (GOD NO), and depending on how I feel, "Summer Breeze" and "Rock Club" (they come as a package to me, personally I'd exclude both of them, but I can deal either way).

That leaves /Impossibly New / ECNALUBMA / Starry Eyes / Velvet Ape / Another Weirdo / What Did I Do To You / Trouble Awful / Detroit / Prepare / Forest / It Said Something / College Town and now Daylight (and sometimes Summer Breeze, Rock Club). Even with Lesbian, Cops and Kremlin, it still works. I've used shuffle mode and am confident that there are a few different sequences to make the above work brilliantly. So here's hoping. Unfortunately, none of us will EVER agree on what classifies as Summer Filler (one of us on this thread will say it all is :) ). Hopefully, Flans will do the right thing!!
Sounds like the Mellotron, but he could have also programmed that at home... sounds *a little too perfect*, but I'm wrong a lot when I'm convinced that I'm right. :) And you are spot on with the Pulp!- Deysian

Brilliant spot on the Pulp similarities. There's an interesting discussion to be had about the Giants UK influences. We know they like Costello, XTC and Squeeze and the Smiths. To tired from work to write much more. (Mr Tuck)w

no JL vocals[edit]

Despite this comment,

"I hear Linnell in the background on this recording, and the Nov. 2015 show proved it,"

there are actually no Linnell vocals on the studio version of this track, and what they do in live performances doesn't 'prove' anything. In fact, I'd speculate that the fact that JL didn't even play his instrument during the live performance makes a strong case that he wasn't too involved in this song's recording either.

In any case, it's all Flans on the studio recording.


Shouldn't this be in the Drugs category? I don't want to put it there until I get conformation that it's a good idea.--MidoFS (talk) 16:09, 18 November 2016 (EST)

I would. Flans said in an interview this song was about addiction (or drugs, or both), so in the Central theme category. If not there, then in the Honorable mentions category. Either spot with the note that it's based on that interview. 22:45, 18 November 2016 (EST)