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7-16-2004; I changed the "sung by" part to Linnell for two reasons. 1) On the really high notes, you can hear that nasal quality that Linnell has and Flans doesn't. 2) From one of the more recent Mailing List mails (specifically, the Flansblog section): "Linnell wants to try to do a specialty song for every place we play for these live downloads." - FrankEinstein

I'm willing to go with that. I was waffling on it last night, and almost didn't put anybody down. (Ouch, on second listen I just feel really dumb... How embarassing! Last time I try to do this past my bedtime. *^_^*) - Veloso
But Flans and Miller on backup? Should I add that? -
I don't personally remember hearing Dan along with Flans on the background, but if they both are, then go ahead. ~ magbatz
Well, it sounds like it's not Flans alone, and kind of similar to the style of the back-ups in the live Stalk of Wheat. I guess I'll add it. -J2

What's the deal with the pop-up mawidge that askes you for a password? -Nat

Sign up from the main page again and you'll get the new usename and password. They seem to not wanna give it out other than just that page, so I'm not gonna write it here. - FrankEinstein