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probably one of the coolest escape team tracks yet, lovely minimal instrumentation on it Snagwhag (talk) 04:36, 4 April 2018 (EDT)

A missed opportunity.

There is a good song in here somewhere. We finally get an accordion led song and it's a disappointment. The production and arrangement are the problem. Flans over-produced fussy vocal sees him trying (and at time struggling) to croon. A more German drinking song tavern arrangement with a booming vocal would have worked much better. As I've commented before, because the Giants don't test new songs out live anymore (or rarely) they've lost an organic element to their songwriting and their recordings. These are things are a good producer/arranger can help remedy and as I've commented before, perhaps the Giants would benefit from a producer who challenges them occasionally. I'd love a Bill Krauss produced album. (Mr Tuck)