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As requested... (moved from the Ant/Lyrics page)

  • i was fairly certain that the spoiled dreams line was also present, in that same place, in the original dial-a-song version, as i've heard it on the online dial-a-song and the clock radio. is there any version in which that line is *not* present? (aside from perhaps a live version where flansburgh may have just forgotten his words again?) (sorry if this isn't the correct place to post this question, but i figure it can just be deleted when resolved anyway)

It's on the Clock Radio version. You might want to listen to that again, just to double-check. Aurora Hawthorne

That line is definitely not in the Istanbul EP version. FrankEinstein

  • indeed, i just heard what is presumably the istanbul ep version on clock radio and the spoil line is, in fact, missing there. so someone should erase this whole conversation and fix up the whole lyrics page and a differences page, or something like that. but i'm certain that the spoil line is in the dial a song version, which almost certainly came first. not that it matters, though one might wonder why the line dissapeared then reappeared, as it were. - same person who posted the other anonymous post.

mistyping or some kind of mistake?[edit]

This song was rerecorded fourteen years AFTER its original release for Indestructible Object?? I had the impression that the original version was recorded 14 years before the IO EP version. Of course, as always, I could be wrong :) Ore4444 16:04, 16 February 2007 (UTC)

The prepositional phrase "for IO" was meant to modify the verb "rerecorded", not modifying "its original release". but yeah, it was ambiguous and could have been either. ~ magbatz 18:44, 16 February 2007 (UTC)