TMBG Street Team Mailing List Archive/2005-01-20

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Hook Us Up!

Hey, Team!

Thanks for all the photos that you've sent. I've passed them on to the Johns, and they've been really helpful.

The band has finally whittled down the setlist for the show, and they wanted me to send out an email asking if the team had any more photos that they haven't already sent, specifically for these songs/towns/venues.

Here's the email straight from the Flansburgh's mouth:


These are the choices-can you send a mass email to the street team and tell 'em if they have any more photos (like of the Sokol Auditorium) that we'd love 'em for this very special slide show we got planned.


Minn/First Ave
Albany/The Egg
LA/House of Blues

Anaheim/House of Blues
Asbury Park
Omaha: Do we have any photos of this place?