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At long last, the They Might Be Giants Celebrity Playlist has been added to the iTunes Store.

Read playlist commentary from John Linnell...

Songs I Tried To Resist

"If I'm going to like a song I usually like it right away. I try to be open-minded and I don't feel that I'm particularly jaded. But there are times when one is so worn down by repeated disappointments that the ears stop paying attention, and then you sometimes miss out on the real hidden treasures. With that in mind, here's a collection of songs that someone (often my wife) played around the house or specially for my consideration that I didn't go for until after the first or sometimes even the tenth listen. In some cases I had every reason to believe that I wouldn't like what I was going to hear and was, to paraphrase the redoubtable George Micheal, "listening with prejudice." In all cases my reservations turned out to be unfounded and my resistance was crushed."

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