TMBG Street Team Mailing List Archive/2004-11-29

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Hey -

Here's a very quick mission for any photographers out there. The Johns are planning a concert in New York where they'll perform some of the venue songs that they recorded on the last tour.
They want to put together a slideshow as part of the concert, and they need hi-resolution pictures for it.

If you live in one of the Spine Hits The Road cities, and have a digital camera, and want to help, this is what we're looking for:

We need pictures (taken by you--we don't want to infringe on anybody's copyrights) of the city skyline, major public attractions, and the outside of the venue that TMBG played at. If you're going to a show at the venue in the next couple of days, a picture of the stage, as bare as possible, would also be great, but only if it can be taken while they're open to the public, and you're free to do so without needing permission. We don't want people to start asking for clearance for photographs from venues all over the country, since we're not exactly sure which photos we'll want or need to use.

Any of the venues could work, but John F. specifically asked for help with these venues and cities.

In his words:

Richard on Richards in Vancouver
The Egg in Albany
Trees in Dallas
Celebrate Brooklyn (pictures of the Gowanus Canal?)
LA House of Blues
Anaheim House of Blues (some Disneyland pix too I guess?)

First Ave. in Minn. (There is a They Might Be Giants star on the outside. A picture of the Minn. skyline would be good.)

If we use your photograph, or seriously consider it, you'll definitely get a TEAM TMBG t-shirt for your troubles.

Email me with any questions, and thanks.