TMBG Street Team Mailing List Archive/2004-10-14

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New Designs Created By Team TMBG Available For Download

TMBG Buddy Icons, Banners And Artwork


It seems like our Mission 2: Design Contest began so long ago, but these amazing designs that you have all created have finally been uploaded on the Tools Page of our website!

Again, thanks to everyone who participated and continued to submit designs to us. They are all incredible, and I had such a tough task of choosing only a limited number to be placed online. But never fear, keep up the great work, and continue to send all your designs to me, as more and more will be placed online soon.

Please visit our Tools Page!

We have some terrific and original TMBG branded buddy icons, banners and other art for your downloading pleasure!

Place these EVERYWHERE you can. Upload them onto your personal websites, online message boards, instant messengers etc.

Spread our TEAM TMBG art all over the Internet, and send an email to telling me where I can find them!


They Might Be Giants Official Street Team: TEAM TMBG