TMBG Street Team Mailing List Archive/2004-09-10

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We've got two separate projects for Team TMBG, both centered on the internet. If you can get online, then you can help. No excuses!

Project #1: The Spine Hits The Road

The Johns have released The Spine Hits The Road an exclusive live album on the iTunes store featuring songs from The Spine and No!, plus "I Palindrome I" and more. Our goal is to get The Spine Hits The Road on the iTunes list of top ten albums sold by spreading the word to everybody with an Internet connection. Here's how to do it:

  • Make an iMix. iTunes lets you make and publish mixes that other users can vote on. It's a good way to spread the word about the album. When you make your iMix, try using a few songs from The Spine Hits The Road, plus songs from albums by similar artists that are doing well on the charts. Email me links to your playlists; the ones that get the highest rankings overall during the next month win a TEAM TMBG T-Shirt.
  • If you want it, but haven't bought it, do it!

One last thing: The Johns know that iTunes isn't accessible to everyone. We're sorry if you can't participate in this project, but they are working on making The Spine Hits The Road available to everybody soon.

Project #2: No!

We've got a special month-long project for No! that will be the perfect test to see how good TEAM TMBG really is. My guess is that you'll get an A++. Here's the deal: has a special promotion for the month of September. They're taking a song from each of the month's 10 best selling albums and putting them on a sampler that goes out free to 5,000 lucky customers. It's a pretty fun thing to be included on, and since cdbaby currently sells No! we thought we'd go for it. Thinking about buying No! for yourself or a friend? Now's the time to get it! Know someone who might like the album? Send them to this link and tell them to pick it up. It's for a good cause: ours!

OK! That's all for now. Keep sending me radio request information and results and look for a listening party mission, coming your way next week. Keep up the good work!