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Mission #4 -Radio Request[edit]

Thanks for everyone who volunteered for Mission 3! We've had an unbelievable response with too few spots to fill, but don't worry: we'll have more special projects coming soon, and everyone will get a chance to participate!

In the meantime, here's your next assignment:

MISSION #4[edit]

It's notoriously difficult for any band to get played on the radio, so we're enlisting your help. The first single from The Spine is "Prevenge" and it's your job to wake up radio stations and tell them they should play it.

I've come up with a list of 25 or so stations, and given you as much info as I could find, including request lines, web addresses, and the names and emails of DJs who might be inclined to play TMBG.

It's a short list of American stations, so don't despair if your town or station or country isn't represented. If you know a station that TEAM TMBG, ought to be bugging, send me as much info as you can and I'll add it to the list.

Here are some ways to promote "Prevenge":

  • Call the Request Line
  • Request "Prevenge" by IM or Email, or on the station's website.
  • Call or email the hosts of specialty shows who concentrate on "new music" or "good music"
  • Talk about how great the new TMBG single is on radio station bulletin boards.
  • If you hear TMBG on the radio, call up and tell them how much you like the song.

If you do hear "Prevenge" on the radio, please send me an email with the station, date and time that you heard it. That kind of information is a great, huge help.

As a bonus, every team member in the city with the biggest increase in radio play over the next few weeks will get a coupon for the TMBG merch store.

Thanks, and good luck!


{ Supplied list not included due to tables not supported by Wiki; see for table}