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The Spine Project - Phase 2[edit]

Thanks for everyone who participated in The Spine Mission 3 Phase I! You guys did an unbelievable job, and TMBG appreciates all of your hard work and dedication. We had such an enormous response from all of you to The Spine Project, that we decided to create a phase 2 of the project.


The Spine Special Project[edit]

We will be continuing our use of our fabulous promotional materials including 3 song samplers (featuring the first radio single + 2 other great tracks), cool TMBG branded stickers, posters, and flyers for distribution!

Again we will be choosing, at a first come first serve basis, people within or near the following cities: All of you abroad members, in Australia and the UK - look for your city below!

(If you've already emailed me regarding our first phase, but did not participate, no need to email again, I still have your email of interest.)

And if you were able to participate in Phase I, I'm sorry, but we'd like to get everyone involved and will be choosing all new participants for Phase 2!

1) New York City

2) Los Angeles

3) Chicago

4) San Francisco

5) Boston

6) Philadelphia

7) Atlanta

8) Seattle

9) Portland

10) D.C

11) Minneapolis

12) Dallas

13) The UK: Leeds, London, Manchester, Glasgow

14) Kansas City, MO/Lawrence, KS

15) Nashville

16) Australia

17) Pittsburgh

18) Detroit

19) Indianapolis

20) Denver

21) Salt Lake City

22) Cleveland

23) Columbus, OH

24) Vancouver, Canada

25) St. Louis

If you'd like to participate in the Spine Special Project - Phase 2, please send an email to, with your "city" in the subject line!

What I need to participate?[edit]

  • NEED to LOVE TMBG (given) and be insanely excited about The Spine release
  • Be willing to go to various lifestyle accounts (record/used record stores, concert venues, coffee shops, restaurants, skate-shops, Laundromats, University campuses, bars (if of age), clothing stores, and anywhere else you can to promote The Spine, to distribute/hang up promo materials.
  • After you advertise The Spine in all these places around your city, you must be able to email me a "report" or summary every week or every two weeks, letting me know where you went, and any feedback you received.

(The Johns would love to know where their faces are being posted nationwide, so this is super important, and will make our work all worthwhile!)

IF you can satisfy all these requirements, then we'd love to have you involved in Phase 2!

DON'T FORGET TO EMAIL ME, JENN TO: with your city name in the subject line.

(I will email all interested teamers, letting them know if they have been chosen to participate, if so, your materials will be on their way!)

All those participating will be receiving a more detailed explanatory email!

Still Want To Get In On The Spine Action?[edit]

HEY, do you want to help promote The Spine, but not commit to our Special Project, well here is some good news! You still can! Go to our website to download our Spine promo flyers. Available on

POST these flyers EVERYWHERE you humanly can, make as many copies as possible, and distribute/hang at all the above lifestyle account locations. I'll be emailing promotion ideas to all participants - so check your email often for suggestions.

Let's Get Started.

Thanks again for all of your help,


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