TMBG Street Team Mailing List Archive/2004-07-12

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The Spine is Available to TEAM TMBG![edit]

TMBG have made The Spine available at their Download Store a day earlier than expected, and TEAM TMBG is getting the news first. It's our way of saying thank you for all the hard work you're doing. Go to to check it out. And remember, The Spine will be in stores everywhere tomorrow!

Mission #2 Update:[edit]

I've been absolutely flooded with great designs from you. I'm truly impressed by the talent we have on TEAM TMBG. If I haven't responded to you yet, don't worry! I'm still going through the many designs and will start posting them as soon as I can. They're all tremendous so please keep sending them in. I love seeing what you come up with.

In the meantime, check out the banners that TEAM TMBG member Philip Barket made to advertise the new Download Store. They're pasted below, and I'll get them up on the site soon. Feel free to spread them across the Internet, with a link to Thanks to Philip, and to all of you.

Mission #3 Update:[edit]

Thanks for your incredible response to my request for Special Project volunteers. Amazingly, all the spots have already been gobbled up by eager Team members. I'll be emailing you today and tomorrow to let you know if you made the list. If you didn't have time to respond, or didn't make the list, it's okay. We'll have another Special Project soon and you'll definitely be called upon to help!

Keep up the good work!


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