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MISSION #2 == Design Contest[edit]

You Might Be Artists for They Might Be Giants

Mission #2 is a design contest for all of our artists and not-quite-sure-you're-artists out there. You're going to design banner ads, buddy icons, or other TMBG artwork. It's your choice what to make.

We especially need designs that promote The Spine, but you can also make designs promoting, the band, or Team TMBG.

Not an artist? You've got options:

  • Write banner ad slogans and get a friend or fellow team member to do the design.
  • Come up with Email Signatures or Away Messages for other team members to use. (example: "This email was written under the influence of They Might Be Giants" and "I'm away from my desk, listening to The Spine, in stores and online 7/13/04"

The design contest is a "continuous mission," so keep sending your stellar creations until the end of time. The best ones will be added to our site, and the designers will win our special TEAM TMBG t-shirt or another cool prize. We might even use your design for a poster or sticker.

Direct all designs and questions to: with subject: TMBG Design.

Have fun!