TMBG Street Team Mailing List Archive/2004-06-25

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Welcome to Team TMBG[edit]

This introductory email explains what to expect from your new life as a member of the They Might Be Giants Street Team. In the unlikely event that you have any questions that aren't answered here, don't hesitate to email Jenn, your street team coordinator at

The street team is what you make it. Be as involved as you like, and participate in as many or as few projects as you want.

No one can promote music better than a fan.

The Giants will be incredibly busy in the coming months, touring in support of their long-awaited tenth album, The Spine, on July 13th, which means we have a ton of fun things to do. And remember: the more you do, the more fun you'll have, and the more you'll help out the band.


Missions are general promotions that all team members are invited to have fun with. We'll announce these on the street team email list and on the Team TMBG website.

Some Sample Missions:

  • Handing out or hanging up TMBG posters and flyers.
  • Creating TMBG branded designs for buddy icons, banners, Internet art, stickers, flyers and more.
  • Sending emails and instant messages to everyone you know with news and info about the band.
  • Using TMBG buddy icons and banners.
  • Creating an email signature that includes links to any Giants related sites, pictures or quotes from their songs.
  • Writing online album or book reviews and recommendations.
  • Lots more.

Special Projects:[edit]

Street Team Special Projects are for team members who want to get more deeply involved. We'll announce these projects ahead of time and choose participants from the first eager responses we get back. These are often specific to a particular city or TMBG project. They're lots of fun, but remember: with great fun comes great responsibility. Or at least good promotion.

Some Sample Special Projects:

  • Handing out special promotional materials such as Sampler CDs, posters, stickers, and postcards.
  • Plastering the town with tour posters to advertise TMBG shows and appearances.
  • Organizing and hosting Listening Parties. These are lots of fun, and a great way to get new music heard by lots of different folk.

Street Team Newsletters:[edit]

We'll send you email newsletters whenever we've got new Missions and Special Projects to announce or particularly good news or gossip to share. These are all important sources of information, so be sure to read them!

Street Team Website:[edit]

We have a great TEAM TMBG website. Check it often for news, the latest missions, downloadable promotion tools, exclusives, prizes and more. We're putting the finishing touches on it right now, but you'll be able to see it in a few days.


We will be giving out prizes every so often for all of your hard work. We've designed some exclusive TMBG Street Team softball shirts that are the official first prize for all street team members. Check out the design on the exclusives page of the site. Win one of these shirts and you'll know you've made it to the varsity squad. We'll also hook you up with exclusive merchandise, first looks at new music, rare autographed posters and other TMBG stuff, store gift certificates and more.

Get ready for your first two Missions!

And thanks for joining the team!