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TMBG Information Bulletin

Fall 1992

AS THIS ISSUE OF THE BULLETIN WENT TO PRESS Brooklyn's Ambassadors of Love were embarking on the final phase of their "Don't Tread On The Cut-Up Snake World Tour 1992," which will be taking them, amongst other places, back to Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles and then across the Pacific to Hawaii and Japan. By the time the tour, which began back in April in Athens, Georgia, ends in Tokyo on December 6th TMBG will have played over 120 shows in 30 U.S. states and 9 other countries, including their first show in Mexico. Among the highlights of the tour: the unannounced show at a small neighborhood bar in Brooklyn where the Giants first unveiled their new backing band to the world on June 14th; free outdoor summertime shows in Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco; "Rocktoberfest 1992," the Giants' 8-night, 10-show stand at a small Off-Broadway theatre in New York City (see item below); and the special live performances of all 19 songs from the Giants eponymous debut album on the final night of Rocktoberfest and in Boston, Chicago. San Francisco and Southern California. John and John, Kurt, Tony and J.D. and the entire They Might Be Giants organization would like to thank everyone who came to their shows this year. Hope we'll see you all again next time around...

WHAT ELSE COULD THEY CALL IT? When TMBG played an 8-night stand at the Variety Arts Theatre in New York City from October 14th through 22nd, it could only be called ROCKTOBERFEST. The hometown faithful turned out in droves to see John and John and friends rock out for eight solid nights (well, actually they did take off the Monday night during the stand, but it was still pretty solid). Eight different opening acts were featured, including songstress (and sometime Giants background vocalist) Syd Straw, Vocalist/Accordionist David Thomas (who along with Giants' band bassist Tony Maimone is a member of venerable New Wave pioneers Pere Ubu) who was backed by Ira Kaplan (of Yo La Tengo) on guitar and Garo Yellin (of the Ordinaires and Giants' band keyboard and reeds player Kurt Hoffman's Band of Weeds) on cello, longtime TMBG associate Brian Dewan and his electric zither, the inimitable Eugene Chadbourne (who joined the Giants on stage for the first time ever live recreation of his historic phoned-in guitar solo from "Absolutely Bill's Mood" from the Giants' first album) and the Giants' Brooklyn neighbors, Drink Me, whose debut album has just recently been released by Bar/None Records. A number of special guests put in appearances with the Giants as well, including "The Guitar" vocalist Laura Cantrell and trumpeter Frank London (whose horn-playing can be heard on both FLOOD and APOLLO 18).

SPEAKING OF TONY MAIMONE'S OTHER BAND, Pere Ubu will have a brand new album (their 11th) called "The Story of My Life" out early next year (it's being released on Mute Records in North America and on Fontana/Phonogram in the rest of the world). It was recorded immediately before Tony began rehearsing with TMBG back in June (in fact, Tony told us, each day after he finished recording with Ubu in the studio he went back to his room to practice bass parts for all the TMBG songs he had to learn).

A LOT OF PEOPLE WRITE TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT TMBG ALBUMS, SINGLES, VIDEOS, ETC. That's why we're working on a brand new, completely updated, annotated and expanded They Might Be Giants Discography (those who have been in the Info Club for a while may remember the old discography which was last updated shortly after FLOOD was released in 1990). It should be ready sometime early next year and we'll announce how you can get yours in a future issue of this newsletter.

A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE ALSO BEEN WRITING TO ASK USE WHY IT TAKES SO LONG for us to send out newsletters and catalogs to new members. The answer is that we've simply been swamped. The number of people who've been sending in their check and money orders for $2 since APOLLO 18 was released has been overwhelming. We'd like to apologize for taking so long and thank all of you for being so patient. We're working hard to improve our efficiency so we can get your membership processed more quickly in the future.

WHICH REMINDS US THAT WE SHOULD PROBABLY REPEAT THE USUAL SPIEL bout S.A.S.E.'s, ID#'s and change of address stuff for all our new members. OK, here goes... Despite what it says on various albums, singles and videos, our official policy is now to discourage Self-Addressed Stamped Envelopes (we just don't have room to store 'em all anymore). To join the TMBG Info Club, send your name and address and a check or money order for $2 (US) to us at: TMBG Information, PO Box 110553, Williamsburgh Station, Brooklyn, NY 11211-0003. This entitles you to receive this newsletter (published at least twice a year, more often when we can get the time), the TMBG Mail Order Catalog and post cards announcing tour dates in your area. The number above your name on the mailing label is your TMBG Info I.D. #. Please use it whenever you write to us. If you move or we've got your name or address wrong, please send corrections to us at the PO Box address and write "Change of Address" on the front of the envelope. People who signed the mailing list sign up sheet at shows receive a sample issue of the newsletter and catalog. If you're one of those people (if you are, the TMBG Info Club ID# on your mailing label starts with the letter "T") and would like to join the TMBG Info Club and receive future mailings send in $2 as explained above. And lastly, feel free to write us with your questions, comments, complaints, advice, etc.

ARE WE REALLY OUT OF ROOM ALREADY? There was a lot more we wanted to say- guess we'll just have to do a longer newsletter next time (Really! We promise!). Until then...

The TMBG INFORMATION BULLETIN. Bo Orloff, Editor PO BOX 110553 Williamsburgh Station Brooklyn NY 11211-0003