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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Kirk Pearson:

Incredible! Loved Flans' "boy band" satire during "Heart Attack." I'm also surprised they kept in so many of the killing references. Still, a great great show. Much nicer when it's up close and personal instead of the over-the-top confetti type shows.

Jason DeLima:

Wow! What a show, I'm prepared to say this was TMBG's best performance ever. Ever.
Skipping school, I took the MTA and subways from Middletown, NY, to Union Square in New York, NY. MartyCordova23 saved me a seat in the third row, and that was awesome. I also said hi and saw many other fellow wikians.
We were told this was going to be a 25 minute performance, but it seemed a lot longer with all the surprises. For example, Flansy started off the show saying it was going to be an alphabetical show, I nearly freaked out when they broke into Birdhouse In Your Soul, and I was expecting Bed Bed Bed. It's the first time John and John (sorta) performed it as a duo with the accordion solo in a while. I've always wanted to hear it live, and I was super happy they played it here. We're The Replacements and Fingertips were definitely also very pleasant surprises.
Flansy claimed they didn't have an appropriate song for the letter G, so people started yelling out "Go For G!", he didn't seem to notice until I yelled it out, and he started having a little convo with me on stage, claiming "this song is only one verse" or something like that, and I just shrugged.
TMBG also seemed to be in a very good mood during the book signing. They signed my 4 albums, 4 DVDs, and photo of Bethesda Terrace without a fret, and they seemed to enjoy having conversations with my friends.
I got a setlist, a photo of me with John/John/Marty, a photo of me with Robin Goldwasser, and many many many photos from the show itself. Click this for the photo album.
John, John, Marty, Dan, and Danny, thank you very much for a great 2009 TMBG season, from Montclair to Union Square, I had a damn blast. I'm definitely looking forward to more fun times in 2010 and beyond. :D