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They Might Be Giants
WXRT in Chicago, IL
December 4, 2003 at 8:00 AM

Fan Recaps and Comments:

Alceste,, Dec. 9, 2003:

It was advertised as being from 6-10 but They actually got there around 8 and played some songs and stuff. No call-in, but there was a live audience and they gave away a couple Gigantic DVDs.

Ana Golightly,, Dec. 9, 2003:

The 4+ hours of broadcast, which began at 6, still had regular radio play: traffic/weather reports, music, etc. The Johns showed up around 8 am. They played a half dozen songs during that time. There were no call-ins, just the songs and some banter. The broadcast itself was maybe four hours. I hung around afterwards to have stuff signed, so all in all, I was there four and half.

Nice event, catered breakfast and everything. They were on an early morning WXRT show with Lin Brehmer last year too. It's a totally different experience seeing TMBG at that time of day. Fantastic casual performance. Things like this are spoiling me for regular concerts. :)