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Review by Jessie:
Very short show, but it was an instore, so one couldn't expect much. Major points of interest: Flans has a new guitar. It's something of a pastel green. Very cool. At the beginning of the show, he said something like, "Isn't it fucking awesome?" but there were little kids right in the front row, so he corrected himself, then made some comment on how he shouldn't say "the cool words". Au Contraire really does rock live. Flans made some funny comments throughout the show, but nothing amazing. He told a story before Maybe I Know about how they began playing it when they were really broke and needed money, and they were playing in some horrible bar or something, and the mother of the person that wrote the song happened to come in and give them $20. They then had an excellent supper. He also screwed up the beginning of a song...I believe it was Bed Bed Bed. After a little bit of playing entirely wrong chords, he said something like "Now, that's not right" and they started over. Flans did, however, totally rock out during Istanbul. Linnell didn't really say much at all. At the end of au contraire, he kept the "right on" thing going for quite a while, and in the middle commented on how he liked to drag that part out. At the end, he pressed the applause button, and said that during big concerts, he presses the applause button and everyone starts to applaud. He compared it to an applause sign, but involuntary. Another point of interest was that, during the box thingie in Bed Bed Bed, there was a button that Linnell pressed that was the voice that says "wicked little critta". It was fun.