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Review by Sarah:
The They night started around 5 pm, on the radio. John and John did a wber interview. The weird dj man/program director guy, Joey Guisto said to the Johns: "So what's this tribute cd that's coming out?" (or something; I'm paraphrasing) and the Johns said "well we're the last to know.." and Joey goes "Oh really? Well I was surfing through some pages on the net.." so I *immediately* called up and told the phone guy that it's a *tape* by the internet fans called We Might Be Giants Too. So then they got the message and Flans said that sounded kinda "strange" and "funky!" :) The interview started out kinda boring but got funnier. it was 45 mins and ended with the "Children Singing Particle Man" track off of Then.

We got to the Record Archive a little bit before 7pm for the instore. The "stage" (an orange-ish rug basically) was set up in the very back in a very living-room-esque set up. (there was a guy behind me in a recliner). Couches, comfy chairs, funky lamps. I plotted myself on the floor in the very center and front. Lincoln began after a while and I immediately fell in love with them. I wasn't planning on video taping them. "Well maybe that song they play on the radio" I thought.. until they began. I was blown away by their coolness. They are extremely good. Chris Temple has a unique voice. That, I dig. :) The extra guitar player/keyboardist has now left the band, but he's from a local suburb and they made sure to mention that. Filming was a slightly difficult; I swore my shoulder was falling off. The video camera is very heavy. It's an old thing, and it doesn't help when you're sitting on the floor looking up at the band, leaning back. Of course, after about 10 or so minutes of Lincoln, TMBG came on - and it was so surreal you know, being a foot away.. :) The first John out was Flansburgh, with a swanky new haircut (with this pointy deal in front). I didn't even recognize him at first. THEY DID DR. WORM!! It's so so so good live! It was even better in concert, but this was the very first time I've seen the extended version, and live to boot.

I think the average age of the people there was 15. Many alternateens, many toddlers, many parents. This prompted Linnell to say: "So, I guess this is an all ages show.." I saw one dad and his little son singing Cowtown before the performance. :)

When they were done my friend Matt casually leaned over and picked up Linnell's set list, and on the way out I grabbed a couple flats off the wall of Lincoln and TMBG.:) *Then* we went to Water Street.