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TMBG opened for Hootie and the Blowfish at the Assembly Hall, which was an odd pairing, because Hootie's fans didn't quite gel with TMBG's fans. I came for the Giants and stayed for the Hootie.


Ditto - watching Giants doing an opening set in a 16,000 seat arena were approimately 15,998 of the people had no idea who they were was a bit odd. I still wonder who decided pairing Hootie and Giants was a good idea.

I too was was at this show. It was a short set, and I drove home in the middle of Hootie's set. The only noteworthy thing I remember is that they premiered Metal Detector live for the first time. Flans said something to the effect of "Witness the band stoop to new levels of un-professionalism never before seen in an arena of this size".