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They Might Be Giants
— with Pere Ubu opening —
Commonwealth Ballroom in Blacksburg, VA
September 27, 1993 at 8:00 PM

Fan Recaps and Comments:

review by Heath

Don't have a lot to say about this show -- it was a long time ago, and my memory's not that good. But it was my first TMBG show, and I kept the ticket in my souvenir book (would you believe the ticket price was only $5?!). The show was general admission, but I showed up early enough to get reasonably good seats (5th or 6th row-ish).
Pere Ubu opened the show. I had heard of them only barely -- they had a song on a compilation album I owned, so it was interesting to see a 'new' band. The only song from their set that stands out for me is Louisiana Train Wreck, though.
TMBG's set was weighted toward newer material -- they played two songs from the just-released Why Does The Sun Shine EP, and if memory serves, they played a song from the not-yet-released John Henry album (but I can't say for sure). As expected with a college venue, the crowd was most responsive to the 'hits' -- Birdhouse In Your Soul and to a lesser extent Particle Man.