Radio Sweepers

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These are the three radio sweepers TMBG created for 94.5 KDGE "The Edge" (Fort Worth-Dallas area), while they were in town for a New Year's Eve show in 1993.

Radio Sweeper #1[edit]

John Linnell: Hi I'm John Linnell, and I'm John Flansburgh and we're They Might Be Giants and you're...listening to The Adventure Club with Alex Luke...on...94.5 KDGE, the Cutting Edge...of Stuff!
John Flansburgh: Tha's righhh!

Radio Sweeper #2[edit]

John Linnell: Hello, this is the Tangled Web
John Flansburgh: And the Flotation Device
John Linnell: Of They Might Be Giants
John Flansburgh: ...and you're listening to a variety of music, for a bunch of people, on 94.5
John Linnell: The Edge

Radio Sweeper #3[edit]

John Linnell: Hi, this is John...and the Edge...
John Flansburgh: Of They Might Be Giants, and you're listening to 94.5
John Linnell: The Edge

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