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From: They Might Be Giants
Date: Feb 29, 2008 2:43 AM
Subject SOLD OUT: Omaha, Boston, ATL show 1! 2nd ATL show added!
Body: Omaha is now fully SOLD OUT
Boston is fully SOLD OUT.
First Atlanta show is fully SOLD OUT.
NYC shows are very close.

Second Atlanta show just added, and is on sale NOW.

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Atlanta Columbia Jackson NYC
Portsmouth Burlington Charlottesville Madison
Jacksonville Dallas Austin Houston New Orleans
Birmingham Tampa Ft. Lauderdale Orlando

Complete details & ticket links at bottom of this email!

All shows listed except NYC and Portsmouth are strictly 14+ or beyond,
Dates and ticket links at the bottom of this email!

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Hey everybody!

Flansy here--writing to y'all direct from the TMBG tour bus! It's just day two of our tour, and I just got off stage in Bloomington. The bus is already filthy and the vibe is distinctly good. The Beachwood Ballroom in Cleveland was a terrifically fun gig to start the run. None of the insane electrical problems of our last gig there, but memorable none the less. Some of the nicest people you'll meet on the road working at that venue. Tonight we were in Bloomington performing at the Bluebird Nightclub for the first time. It was a steaming cauldron of rock. A very enthusiastic, sold out crowd. Had an amazing meal before the show analyzed by our resident foodies Brendan the tour manager and International Player Frank Vilardi, who has been doing a highly laudable job filling Papa Marty's rather enormous drumming shoes.

Tomorrow is Madison. We love Madison. Onward and rockward, y'all.

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TMBG are on the cover of ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN!
Read the in depth interview on the making of "The Else" and the bands unique place in electronic music-making.
(We'd give you a link, but the cool part is only available on newsstands!)

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Attention Atlanta!
They Might Be Giants have added a second show on Saturday March 15!
Doors are early-5:30 and the band is on at 6:30. It's strictly 14+,
Bring your student ID and save $5 to see a full TMBG show.

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See the BRAND NEW VIDEO for "Pirate Girls Nine" at TMBGs Friday Night Video Podcast for Families!
Just use this link!

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Fri. Feb. 29 MADISON, WI at Barrymore Theatre

Sat. Mar. 1 OMAHA, NE at Slowdown

Sun. Mar. 2 COLUMBIA, MO at Bluenote

Tue. Mar. 4 DALLAS, TX at House of Blues

Wed. Mar. 5 AUSTIN, TX at Stubb's Outdoor BBQ

Thu. Mar. 6 HOUSTON, TX at Meridian

Fri. Mar. 7 NEW ORLEANS, LA at House of Blues

Sat. Mar. 8 JACKSON, MS at Hal & Mal's

Sun. Mar. 9 BIRMINGHAM, AL at Workplay

Tue. Mar 11 ST. PETERSBURG, FL at Jannus Landing

Wed. Mar 12 FT. LAUDERDALE, FL at Revolution

Thu. Mar. 13 ORLANDO, FL at House of Blues

Fri. Mar. 14 JACKSONVILLE, FL at Free Bird Live

Sat. Mar. 15th ATLANTA, GA at Variety Playhouse - Special Early Show!
Strictly 14+. Special discount price for students with college or high school ID. Doors 5:30, show at 6:30

Sun. Mar. 16 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA at Satellite Ballroom

Sat. Mar. 29 PORTSMOUTH, NH at The Music Hall
2pm Special Family Show!

8pm Regular Super-Premium Show!

Sun. March 30th BURLINGTON, VT at Higher Ground

Sun. Apr. 20th NEW YORK, NY at Town Hall - TWO FAMILY SHOWS!
12pm doors / 1 pm show:

3:30 doors / 4:30 pm show: